"We are proponents of knowledge."

At mothpeople, we take a philosophical approach towards our work. Instead of focusing only on ‘what’ and ‘how’, we also ask ‘why’. Everything has a structure, no matter how chaotic it may seem, but to create that structure, we need to know why it exists, including our own creations.


We work with brands, individuals, organisations and collaborators by first understanding as deeply as possible – what exactly you do, and how we can help you improve it.


So what exactly do we do? We can help you develop and execute, or improve the way you communicate with your customers. We can also guide you in developing an effective communication strategy even with minimal resources because of our fluid structure.

our work

the important questions

An enabled network of storytellers based in southeast Asia with backgrounds ranging from journalism, advertising, public relations, film production, photography and videography and digital marketing. Our approach is to always be open-minded and focus not just on the project itself, but also our relationship with our clients. To create excellent work requires plenty of trust, so with that in mind, we try to make the whole process and workflow as collaborative and transparent as possible. This is also the reason we adopt an open door policy for collaborators, young and old, experienced or not, because we believe everyone has different perspectives – some might be more valuable than our own.

A storytelling collective that is fluid enough to either take the form of a full-fledged agency via our collaborators and partners to create cross-border marketing campaigns, or simply an hourly-rate consultant teaching you how to use a camera.

Mothpeople began as a creative collective in April 2019, working with startups, lifestyle brands and the city’s very dynamic nightlife scene and by January 2021, officially registered as a business in Vietnam.

Incorporated and based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam with partners and collaborators in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. Majority of our work is done remotely unless we work on site.

We can be reached online either via our contact form on this site, or our Facebook page. From there, just let us know what you are looking for, and the situation you are in and we’ll get back to you with our suggestions and then take it from there. We have 2 options, campaign or modular – both extremely suitable and flexible for startups and small businesses.

Because we listen to understand and because of our fluid structure, we are not only cost-effective, but also more efficient and generally leave a much smaller carbon footprint than most.



We produce our own, as well as commissioned films in both fiction and non-fiction categories.

Photos & Videos

Our team can work as a standalone, or with our collaborators for photography and videography projects.

Public Relations

Through our partners, we can develop and manage an effective content strategy and PR framework for you or your brand.

Creative Consultants

From starting your own YouTube channel to developing a content strategy based on visual storytelling. We can show you how it's done.

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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Bangkok, Thailand




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40-50 a week.


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Phone: +84 977 691 251

Email: thelight@mothpeople.net